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What is Equipco?

Equipco is an industry leader the the development and manufacturing of the most advanced and durable solid waste handling equipment. We pride ourselves on the construction of the heaviest containers and compactors in the industry to promote longevity of your equipment. The majority of the parts are manufactured by Equipco to allow for quality control and reduction in unit costs to the customer.

Our Products

  • Sludge Containers

  • Recycling Roll Off Container

  • Storage Containers

  • Self Dumping Hoppers

  • Hazardous Waste Container

  • Deadlift Containers

  • Sludge Containers

  • Septic Tank Bodies

  • Septic Tank Haulers

  • Rear Loader Container

Full range of solid waste handling equipment.

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Our Parts

  • Rachet Clip

  • Ground Roller

  • Nose Roller

  • Lid

  • Hinge

  • Door Lock

  • Door Guide

  • Cylinder

  • Caster

  • Burned Part

Replacement parts for your Container, Compactor and Tarp needs.

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Our Services

  • Fully Functional
  • Available 24/7
  • Easy Access
  • Modern Machinery
  • Quick Reuse
  • Affordable Service
Recommendations on equipment to maximize your waste disposal.

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